Researchakra started as a market research data transformation and analysis company. Currently it is catering to lot of different analytics requirements in marketing functions across multiple sectors.
Industry Experience
Health & Wellness
We leverage our understanding of marketing and our expertise at analytics to provide customized solutions to marketing needs.
Technology Driven Data Synthesis

We have access to the latest tools and technology to synthesize, analyze and visualize data.

The data scientists are adept at synthesizing data from multiple sources: sales data with retail audit, brand tracks and online browsing / buying behaviour to present a complete view

Led by Experts for Data Synthesis and Analysis

We go beyond statistical and analytical tools, and ‘read’ numbers to bring alive the true picture – both at a macro and micro level.

We frequently use predictive modelling / demand estimation to identify most promising solutions.

Focus on Analytics for Marketing

We bring together a collective expertise in different areas of marketing, across multiple objectives, functions, geographies, and categories

Access to industry Experts for Validations and Insight

Our industry expert panel helps clients validate the insight. Also allows them to develop action points on the insight.

We can also work with your creative / content agency partners to arrive at content solutions

Our Growth Ladder

Started as a market research operations firm providing data transformation services on SPSS & Quantum.
Expanded to provide advanced data analysis on platforms such as SPSS, SAS, Lisrel, SmartPLS, Latent Gold, Sawtooth.
Expanded to FTE setups and started providing End to End Survey Analytics to clients on various platforms such as ConfirmIT, Qualtrics, Kinesis, in addition to flash and ASP scripts.
Kept enhancing its portfolio of services to include data visualization and reporting on Excel and PowerPoint.
Built a network of industry experts who helped derive insight from data and provide suggestions to clients.
Started providing services for data analytics such as data management, BI reporting, basic and advanced analytics.
Enhanced visualization services through usage of software like Tableau and Qlikview.
Started to expand its client base in Europe and Asia and has the critical capacity to enter FTE engagements.

What We Offer

  • Consumer & Shopper Intelligence
  • Segmentation
  • Relationship Management
  • Customer Life Time Value
  • Customer service analytics
  • Demand forecast models
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Promotion Optimization
  • Price Modeling and simulation
  • Campaign ROI optimization
  • Data Harmonization
  • Data Mining
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Discovery
  • Survey Programming
  • Data Acquisition (technology driven)
  • Data processing and tabulation
  • Analysis and insights Reporting
  • Standard and Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Reports with Drill-down and Drill-up capabilities
  • Validation and Recommendations via an industry expert
  • Workshops to align strategy
  • Interactive Executive Dashboards
  • Multi-platform Implementation(Mobile, Tablet, PC)
  • Visualization of reports or data collected via multiple sources including Market Research
  • Automation and Online dashboards
  • Data Architecture, Model & Design
  • Data Security
  • Data Quality
  • Data Warehousing
  • Master Data Management
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Processing and Tabulations
  • Support on Data Collection Projects
our analytics ecosystem
Data Analytics
Customer Relationship Management
market research
Data Warehousing, Synthesis and Management
operational analytics
business reporting
IT and technology
Data Analytics
Customer Relationship Management
market research
Operational Analytics
Business Reporting
IT and Technology
Data Warehousing, Synthesis and Management
Market Research Operations Support
Our expertise runs wide and deep
  • “Silent running” of processes achieved at the earliest
  • Project feedback scores, Voice of Customer Surveys, 6σ, Industry benchmarking – keep raising the bar higher
  • 24 X 6 operations
  • Certifiable quality is the minimum bar – ISO 20252, ISO 27001
  • Platform agnostic operations –Dimensions, Confirmit, Quantum, SPSS, ASP. Net, etc.
  • Innovation – survey programming tool + HTML5 library for respondent experience
  • Cost savings
  • Ad-Hoc or Single process models
  • Lift and shift operations
  • Vendor client distinction
  • Reacting to the business
  • Process efficiencies
  • Multiple processes
  • Building efficiencies
  • Collaboration
  • Supporting the business
  • Value add partnership
  • Project outsourcing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integration
  • Helping innovate

Online Survey Programming & Hosting

We have extensive experience in multiple programming packages that make us platform and device agnostic.
Device Agnostic
Device agnostic surveys using ConfirmIT, Kinesis, Qualtrics, Askia and SPSS Dimension etc to deliver moderate to complex project requirements.
Experienced Team
Our programmers are certified by ConfirmIT, SPSS and are experienced in using Java script, ASP, flash programming and graphic designing. Our team is proficient in using multimedia and programming questionnaires with complex logic.
World Class Hosting
Our survey-hosting engine ensures a 99.9% uptime environment.

Data Collection: Connect Survey

Our in-house developed data collection system is flexible yet robust solution for survey programming & data collection. It collects the responses anonymised or non anonymised using any source for respondents.
Research Types
Web intercept surveys, Customer feedback surveys, Video/Audio Advert evaluations, A/B testing, Price sensitivity tests, Maxdiff/CBC conjoint studies, Fun polls, Ad evaluations
34 inbuilt question types as standard, 45 languages supported, including Arabic, Chinese and South-east Asian languages, Standard error and user instructions in built, New customized questions can be added as required.

Panel & Portals: Connect Panel

  • Create online communities from your customer lists or visitors on your websites.
  • Collect information from your customers and profile them to target with surveys or promotions.
  • Perfect for lead generation campaigns, as data is stored and can be used for various projects/advertisements, multiple times.
  • Listen to customers and provide prompt responses
  • Plug in sample from online panels or competitor users and redirect to your surveys.
  • Full security and confidentiality of respondent data guaranteed.
  • Give respondents your own branded dashboard to make them part of you
    • campaigns available
    • incentives earned
    • vouchers to redeem
    • support helpdesk

TRACKEye: Eye Capture On Mobile Devices

  • Real eye tracking makes it possible to observe and evaluate human attention objectively and non-intrusively, enabling you to increase the impact of your visual designs and communication.
  • Knowing what consumers see is a vital first-step to ensuring marketing effectiveness. Eye tracking offers a unique method to objectively measure consumers’ attention and spontaneous responses to advertising.

Data Processing

Our strong team and processes ensure error free output for your analysis.
Experienced Team
Strong data processing team with avg. 3+ years of experience. Good understanding of tools such as SPSS, Quantum, and Wincross.
Strong Processes
Strong adherence to processes while creating:
Data Maps, Data Conversion and Validation, Data reforming, quota balancing and weighting, Tabulations, Multi-format output – MS Excel, Word, PPT, Excel Macro Development
Error Free Data
Commitment to ensure 100% error free quality deliverable. Involves implementation of standard quality measures as well as custom measures depending on the nature of the project.

Technology driven Charting and Visualization

We create powerful tools with visuals on your analysis to help you bring out a story and “make a point”.
Basic Charting
Data representation using Excel, PPT, Word depending on your requirement.

Multiple reports for a single project visualization of detail based on audience seniority
Creation of infographic
Layered visualization for various functions and managerial level
Usage of tools such as Tableau and Qlikview to create dashboards and advanced visuals.
Let’s make something together

We have a unique story with each client. Please get in touch to power your business growth using analytics.